Outta Box Ranch

 Here's a preview of what we do for "It's not what you expect, it's the way we think...

"Outside the Box"!!
  • If you are looking for the ideal "Homestead Cow" look no further than here.
  • A small herd of Normande dual purpose cattle, that are idea for milk and meat.
  • A few head of wool sheep, with plans to add some dairy sheep soon. 
  • A small herd of Alpine goats.
  • Four pigs, as pigs always come in lots of 4.
  • BellaHara North Aussies, specializing in producing versatile ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherds.
  • Blue Calico Polyquad Manx Cats.
  • French Copper Maran, Americana, Bantam Chickens. 
  • Peafowl and other assorted fowl including water fowl.
  • A hive of Honey Bees.
  • We also do more than just critters...
  • Fabric art including rag rugs and quilts.
  • Fine Art of Photography and Watercolor Painting.


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