Outta Box Ranch


This is a working farm!  We work at being as self sustainable as possible.  We are eager to learn from others as well as share our knowledge with folks.  If what you see here interests you please contact us about coming to visit.

 we think...

"Outside the Box"!!
  • If you are looking for the ideal "Homestead Cow" look no further than here.  We have a herd of smaller framed Normande cattle.
  • A few head of wool sheep, with plans to add some dairy sheep soon. 
  • A small herd of Alpine goats.
  • Four pigs, as pigs always come in lots of 4.
  • BellaHara Aussies, specializing in producing versatile ASCA/AKC Australian Shepherds.
  • Blue Calico Polyquad Manx Cats.
  • French Copper Maran, Americana, Bantam Chickens.
  • Peafowl and other assorted fowl including water fowl.
  • A hive of Honey Bees.
  • We also do more than just critters...
  • Fabric art including rag rugs and quilts.
  • Fine Art of Photography and Watercolor Painting.


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