Outta Box Ranch

About Us

Outta Box Ranch is located in NW Nebraska.  We takes pride in being unique, down to earth and "thinking out of the box".  Having grown up on a sheep and cattle ranch with an assortment of other barn yard critters.  We lived a self sufficient homesteading lifestyle, long before it was the thing to do.   We sincerely believe that it is our God given right to raise our own food.  We believe that with itsuff comes the responsibility to be a good stewards to those animals and the land needed for their survival.  We have an eagerness to educate others with a common sense approach to true country living.  Australian Shepherd with Goat

Our animals and crops are a big part of our life, we say they come first.  Isn't that how it should be?  We have a real enthusiasm for living a down to earth homesteading lifestyle.  Becoming self sustainable is a goal of ours.  We enjoy having milk cows so we can make cheese, butter, and ice cream.  We have meat in the freeze including fish, deer, beef, lamb, pork, fowl.  We also try and grow a large garden every year canning the produce for the winter.  A favorite Fall past time is gathering whatever wild fruits are available, putting them up as jams, jellies even some wine.  What we don't get from our own place with try and get from other local producer.  We believe at Outta Box Ranch that  having dual purpose breeds is the best choose.  We realize that more versatility you can get from each critter the more it assist in becoming self sufficient.  Thus we have Normande cattle, a dual purpose breed from France.  We are also doing our best to maintain what we consider the best breed of dog ever,  the incredible versatile Australian Shepherd.  Besides living and working with our beloved critters which includes at this time, cattle, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, an assortment of chickens and waterfowl, rabbits and of course dogs and cats, which are many times subjects of Artwork and photographs I do.  

Senior portrait
Portrait Photography is another passion.  From a very young age I didn't like having my photo taken, so my mother gave me the camera.  The ecstasy I find when behind the camera is almost unexplainable.  I specializing in outdoor portrait photography.  I truly love photographing people outside in the "sweet light" of the early morning or very late afternoon.  I can do indoor portraits with the controlled light, but I findWedding Photgraphy being outdoors much more enjoyable.  

We do Wedding Photography as well. To capture the magic of your wedding day! To create works of art; we use a camera. If you remember the old saying, "time is money," we feel those two things should be furthest from your mind on your wedding day.  The level of our envelopment depends on you as it is your day.  We do not believe that the photographer should charge by the hour when it comes to weddings, as it is not up to the us to set the schedule of your day. We are willing to assist in keeping the flow of things moving according to your pre-chosen time frame, but never make you feel rushed or hurried on this day.  Therefore our pricing is a breakdown of cost per segment of a usual wedding day.  You let us know when and where you want us to with camera in hand.

Our Artwork ranges from photographs and watercolor paintings.  We also do some unique and down to earth projects such as toothbrush rag rugs.   Some of our creations are for sale. 

We are eager to learn from and teach others new things.  Please feel free to contact us or send any questions or comments you may have via the E-Mail listed on the contact form.