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We at Outta Box Ranch stumbled across Normande cattle several years ago.  They are wonderful dual purpose breed, that have many amazing traits.  If you are unfamiliar with the breed you can learn more about them on the North American Normande Association website.  Our Normandes are registered with NANA.

We loved everything about Normandes except their sometimes large size, and that may breeders in the USA breed either for dairy traits or beef traits.  Causing Normandes in the USA to not be as dual purpose as other places around the world.  So we opted to breed using the smallest framed purebred Normandes we could find and maintain as many of the dual traits as possible to strive towards an ideal type of Homestead cattle.

We call them Peu Vache (PaVash), which is French for little cow.  Our Normandes have not been selected solely on one character, instead we do our best to retain many exceptional qualities usually lost by specialized breeds.  Special attention has been given to only bred gentle personality making them a joy to be around.  With an overall hardiness and an aptitude to convert grass feed in an economic fashion allowing them to adapt to all climates and altitudes.  There is a strong mothering nature making it easier to graft on calves.  They can reach maturity early and have long production lifespans.  Did we mention the beautifully colored hides?  Every birth of a Normande calf is as Christmas Morning for you can never be quite sure what amazing color that package may be.   They are good milk producers like “dairy” cattle.  With special attention paid to select breeding for bags structure and teat size.  As for volume of milk on average these cows give 4 gallons of milk per day.  This is plenty for them to feed their own calf and another if that is your goal or separate her from her calf during the day milk in the evening getting enough milk for most household milk drinking needs and use the extra to make cheese.  We have found there is an amble amount of cream as well.  Just remember the more you ask of your cow the more you most give her in quality hay and grain.  There has been special care to select genetics that may carry the B Kappa Casein gene. The levels of casein beta and kappa in milk are known to improve the curdling quality of the milk for cheese making.  The Normandes are shape like “beef” cattle producing good flavor, tenderness and marbling for excellent quality meat.  Due to their smaller statue there is just the right amount of meat for today’s family freezer.  The tri purpose of these animals is their hides.  For they are as colorful as any Longhorn and when it is all said and done you will be left with a hair on hide throw that will be admired for many years.  In our humble opinion these compact cattle are the quintessential blend of temperament, size and color for an ideal modern homestead cow. 
We feel we must mention for those of you new to cattle, they are large animals, and can hurt you.  Even with cattle having been domesticated for thousands of years and we have taken special care to breed for good sound temperament.  If you want your Normande to be “dog” tame you will have to spend time with them.  Getting to know them and allowing them to get to know you.  We start all calves off on the right foot as far as teaching them some “ground manners”  for the sooner this is started the easier it is for everyone involved.  We imprint all calves from the day they are born, then continue this gentle hands on training as the calves grow.  We are willing to share this information with you please just ask as there are no silly questions.  The better educated you about the handling of livestock the happier you and your Normande will be.

Why Choose Normandes?

Very Efficient Feed Conversion:
Normandes require 1/3 the feed of a large framed cow, and do well on grass alone.
2-3 head of our Normandes  can run on same amount of pasture as 1 traditional sized cow.  Giving you more options for small acreages than standard size cattle do.

Tremendous Carcass Traits:
Normandes carry the marbling and tenderness genes.
Normandes have low back fat combined with their smaller heads should yield a higher percentage of dressed weight
Normandes are a good size for today's family.

Delightful Breed Traits
Normandes are very docile and easy to handle.
Normandes are structurally correct, early maturing, and can be polled.
Our Normandes are a smaller framed and do not carry a dwarf gene.
Birth wt. 45-60 lb; mature cow 700-1000 lb; bull 1100-1300 lb.

Ideal Dairy Traits:
Rich milk and cream for dairy products and good growth rate in calves.
With averages of 4.2 % butterfat and 3.5 % protein.
Select genetics so that the herd will carry the B Kappa Casein and A2/A2 Casein genes.
More information on A2 Beta Casein can be found via  Keith Woodford’s Devil in the Milk. 


 Years needed 2 years 4 years  6 years  8 years  10 years  12 years  
 Generations  1st Gen
 2nd Gen
 3rd Gen
 4th Gen
 5th Gen
 6th Gen
 Percentage  50% 75%
  Animals Age              
 0 - 9 Months
 $1000.  $1300.  $1600.  $1900.  $2200.  $2500.  $3000.
 10-16 Months
 $1500.  $1800.  $2100.  $2400.  $2700.  $3000.  $3300.
 Bred Heifer
 $2100.  $2400.  $2700.  $3000.  $3300.  $3600.  $3900.
 3 - 10 Cows
 $2500.  $2800.  $3100.  $3400.  $3700.  $4000.  $4300.
 10 +  Cows
 $1700.  $2000.  $2300.  $2600.  $2900.  $3200.  $3500.
1st Gen) To get to this point you must already have a female of breeding age (around 16 months)
     You can either pasture breed or AI her to 100% Normande bull. 
     Then wait 9 months and pray you get a healthy heifer calf.
2ndGen) Water, feed, & care for that heifer calf, for a 1 & 1/2 years. 
     Then breed her to a 100% Normande bull.  Wait 9 months praying for a healthy heifer.
3rd Gen) Repeat step (2) using 75% Normande heifer.  Again wait 9 months praying for a healthy heifer.
4th Gen) Repeating step(2) with 88% Normande heifer.  Yet another 9 month wait, praying for a healthy heifer.
5th Gen) And again repeating step(2) with 94% Normande heifer. 
     And yet another 9 months of waiting and praying for a healthy heifer.
6th Gen)  One last time repeat with a 97% Normande heifer and wait 9 months                   
            If all went unbelievably well and you had no bull calves and no death loss!                    
            It should have taken you roughly 11 years to achieved the goal of a 99% Normande.                   
    We put together this price list in hopes it would help folks understand that we know what it takes to raise the ideal family milk cow/nursemaid. If you want a milk cow/nursemaid to have EVERY test know to man done on her, be "dog tame", halter broke to lead, willing to put her head in any stanchion to be milked by hand and/ or with a machine, take every orphan as if it's her own and...
   Tolerate all this with children, dogs, cats, fowl, sheep, goats, and pigs running about the barn and she doesn't even flick her tail, we do raise them that way.
   Please understand that reputable breeders have spent a great deal of time and money to achieve the ideal milk cow/nursemaid and it is an insult when someone expects it all for next to nothing!  

"Asking Price" is just that an asking price, so all reasonable offers will be considered.
We believe in the barter system.  Payment plan available of with 50% of purchase price for deposit, sale must be completed by date agree upon or down payment will be retained by OBR for housing and feeding fees.
All prices subject to change, up or down, without notice.