Outta Box Ranch


We have been working towards developing, in our humble opinion an ideal modern homestead cow.  Since our focus has been on producing compact cattle with an exemplary blend of temperament, size and color.  Peu De Vache have not been selected solely on one character, instead the breed has retained many exceptional qualities usually lost by specialized breeds.  Since they are to be used as family milk cows special attention has been given to only bred gentle personality making them a joy to be around.  With an overall hardiness and an aptitude to convert grass feed in an economic fashion allows it to adapt to all climates and altitudes.  There is a strong mothering nature making it easier to graft on calves.  They can reach maturity early and have long production lifespans.  They are good milk producers like “dairy” cattle.  With special attention paid to select breeding for bags structure and teat size.  As for volume of milk on average these cows give 4 gallons of milk per day.  That should be plenty for them to feed their own calf and another if that is your goal or separate her from her calf during the day, milk in the evening getting enough milk for most household milk drinking needs and use the extra to make cheese.  Just remember the more you ask of your cow the more you most give her in quality hay and grain.  There has been special care to select genetics that may carry the B Kappa Casein and A2/A2 gene.