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I was first introduced to the Australian Shepherd some thirty years ago.  My first Aussie was a beautiful blue merle.  I only had her a short time before she was stolen from me.  I then spent many years admiring the breed from afar.  It has just been in recent years that my life has lead me back to where I should be, in the country with a lot of animals. 

The Aussie breed is not for everyone.  If you enjoy animals that are closer to your equal in the brain department this just may be a breed for you.  I have a good friend that says, "Thank You God for making my animals/kids healthy enough to make me crazy."  To that I say "AMEN!"

Aussies are a working dog and therefore you must give them something to do or they will go and find something to do. Which you may not think it is such a great idea.  Then who is to blame when they get into "trouble", YOU!! 

If you are looking for an animal that requires little to no attention other than a safe warm place to sleep, feeding and watering it, and cleaning up after it, this is not the breed for you. 

You should get a cat or better yet a house rabbit! 

For more information than anyone person could ever care to know about Australian Shepherds please visit the most complete Aussie site I know of Pure Stock Aussies the "human " there is a walking doggie encyclopedia.  To learn more about our phenomenal breed, please visit our dear friends.  This Australian Shepherd website is an absolute mecca of information on our breed and worthy of a visit! 

This is also the home of our amazing website designer Kennel Tracker and we can't thank our fellow Aussie enthusiasts enough for their unyielding commitment to the Aussie breed, it's promotion and future success!  You can find them under our links page as well.