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Mistrettas Serenata DuSilence

  • Height: 19"
  • DNA: CP
  • Hips: AS-24997G25F-VPI
  • CERF: Normal / Normal - Negative for HSF-4
  • Prim. Reg. #: E148738
  • Alt. Reg. #: DN20428801
  • COI @ 10 gen: .74%
  • COI @ 20 gen: 0.830%

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  • Breeder: Nancy Gu`erin

Sere has gone back north.  She is living with my niece Kristin who loves her best.  She is such a happy, spoiled, little dog now.

Lanes Pittypat Penny

  • Height: 21"
  • DNA: VP
  • CERF: Not Tested
  • Alt. Reg. #: DN35105003

  • Breeder: Mark Lane

Thank You Mark Lane for sharing the amazingly sweet little working girl with me.  Penny loves to work stock, has since the first day I brought her home.  She is very sweet and loyal to me.

BellaHara Carreen

  • DNA: Not Checked
  • CERF: Not Tested

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