Outta Box Ranch


To capture the magic of your wedding day!
        To create works of art;  We use a camera.

Wedding  Photography  Philosophy
They say, "time is money," however, we feel those are two things that should be furthest from your mind on your wedding day. We’ve attempted to break down our pricing in a way that will provide you with just what you want. You choose if we take your engagement photos through seeing you off on your honeymoon.  Do you want just “stills” or “video” as well, we cover both areas.  We have a list of suggested photos and preferred style, traditional or photojournalistic. The level of our envelopment depends on you as it is your day.  We do not believe that the photographer should charge by the hour when it comes to weddings, as it is not up to the us to set the schedule of your day. We are willing to assist in keeping the flow of things moving according to your pre-chosen time frame, but never make you feel rushed or hurried on this day.  Therefore our pricing is a breakdown of cost per segment and rather or not you choose only “still” pWedding pictureshotography and/or videography.

$250.00-Engagement photographs 
$250.00-Candid photographs at Rehearsal
               -Getting Ready on Wedding Day
                    Bride and Groom if possible
$250.00-Formal Photographs
    -Bride/Groom with both immediate families
        (siblings, parents, and grandparents+)
            -Bride/Groom with wedding party
                 -Photos of extended family
                      with or without Bride and Groom
$250.00-Photographs at Reception
                -Cutting of Wedding Cake & Toasts
                    -Wedding Dance

Please choose at least three event options from the above list as we do require a min. fee of $750.00, with $375.00 deposit, that is non-refundable after 30 days, to hold your wedding date.  These prices are for either a photographer or a videographer, if you want both photographs and video, there will be an additional fee of $250.00 per event to have both the photographer and videographer be present at your chosen event options.

As a wedding gift, you will receive five (5) FREE Wedding DVD. 
    $25.00 for each additional Wedding DVD.

We do require that time is schedule with the photographer and/or videographer and the bride and/or groom prior to the rehearsal date to review wedding photo choices and the planned itinerary of your wedding day.  We find this most helpful in providing us with your wedding day wishes, prior to the business of the actual blessed day.

We will consider a payment plan, however, your balance must be paid in full prior to the wedding date.

You will receive the images of your wedding  photographs. You can have them printed through our online photo lab(all fees paid by you), or scan them yourself on your home computer and email them to family and friends! Your options are endless!  Thank you for considering us for your special day.

As the photographer/videographer,  we may use any photographs/video we’ve taken for our own professional use, whether it be for advertising purposes or as a work of art unveiled at an art show. 

For all your floral, tuxedos, tanning, and gift needs contact DeeAnn of the New Leaf Flower Shop at (308) 432-5561 or (800)676-3043.  They also have a website of www.thenewleafflowers.com
 For a great cake decorator may we suggest contacting Cakes and Ect. at (308) 432-8463