Outta Box Ranch

Our Health Guarantee

The addition of a healthy Australian Shepherd will bring you years of joy and companionship.  We feel breeders should raise and sell their puppies under a guarantee.  BellaHara Kennel will stand behind each puppy we place with the following:

The puppy you purchase from BellaHara Kennel is guaranteed to be healthy at time of placement; and is warranted for an additional ten days.  The puppy will be current on vaccinations and de-worming.  It is your responsibility to keep up on the puppy’s vaccinations, per your veterinarian’s guidance.  If the puppy should contact any sickness, resulting from Parvovirus, distemper, rabies, hepatitis or par influenza within the ten-day period, BellaHara Kennel must be contacted immediately.  If the puppy should die of any of these sicknesses within the ten-day warranty period, BellaHara Kennel must be notified at once; and a replacement puppy will be provided from the next available litter.  It will be the buyer’s responsibility to provide a written statement from your veterinarian as to the cause of death.

BellaHara Kennel also guarantees against any heredity or congenital disorder that may interfere with the puppy’s ability to lead a normal life.  This is a twenty-seven month guarantee, which covers genetic disorders, such as heart murmurs, skeletal abnormalities, epilepsy, eye disorders, or hip dysplasia.  A veterinary statement will be required from the date of diagnosis as to the nature of the problem.  A replacement puppy as outlined above will be made available.

If a puppy is purchases for breeding, show or trialing, the males will have both testicles descended and normal at six months of age.  The females and males bite shall also be correct at six months of age.

It is the buyer’s responsibility for veterinarian costs after the date of placement.