Outta Box Ranch

Our Puppy Policy

Thank you for your interest in a puppy from BellaHara Kennel at Outta Box Ranch.

Our litters are born and nurtured in our home.  We spend a lot of time, during the first eight weeks, handling and exposing puppies to different stimuli, new experience, and people.  Each and every puppy receives a lot of love, playtime and attention.  Our puppies are socialized, current on vaccinations and de-wormed before they go to their new homes.  We offer health guarantees and references of satisfied puppy purchasers.  We take the same care in placing our puppies in pet homes as we do in competition homes.  Our pups are versatile, make lovable, loyal companions and compete in obedience, conformation, agility and herding.

Please be aware that puppies are not trained, well-mannered, finished products.  They are puppies.  They will have accidents and they will get into mischief…all a part of being a puppy.  We expect new owners to finish the job we have started and help their puppy become a mature, well-mannered Aussie by being responsible for the further development of the puppy’s personality.  This is accomplished first through good breeding, followed by structured discipline, training, guidance and most of all love.  Our first consideration is the safety and well-being of our puppies, from the day they are conceived until the day (hopefully long into the future) pass on.  Also, we keep in close contact with our puppy buyers; they become part of our extended canine family.

As a breeder of Australian Shepherds we understand the desire and sometimes need to pick a puppy based on coat color and sex.  However there is so much more to an Aussie than that...
We will always keep in mind the color and sex preferences of our puppy buyers.  However we do not place all our pups based solely on coat and eye color.  We evaluate the pups from day one, and puppies are placed on a variety of things beyond color, such as temperament and natural instinct verse the lifestyle of the home each pups are going to.  The selection for breed or show potential and those available for companion/neutered homes are determined by 6.5 weeks of age.  If you have decided that you would like a pup from Bellahara Kennel please contact us to make arrangement to put down a 50% non-refundable deposit on our next planned/available litter.  This will hold your spot as to the order of pick of the litter.  Reservations are honored and based upon suitability of each pup to each individual home.  If needed we will roll your deposit to the next available litter. 

Puppies prices are:

     Companion/Working homes are $750.00 sold only with strict spay and neuter contract.
     Full breeding rights are $1300.00 sold only on limited basis.
     Exceptions and consideration are given for special circumstances, 4-H, and repeat homes.

Dogs are a lifetime commitment.  We thank you for considering our litters and if you are interested in providing a loving, committed home for a BellaHara pup; please complete the Puppy  Questionnaire.  We will be happy to place you on our litter list and keep you informed as to whelping, development and availability.