Outta Box Ranch

Puppy Questionnaire

The following form is designed to help us determine if one of our Aussies is the right choice for you and which puppy would be best suited to your lifestyle. It also assists in getting acquainted.  Please be as forthcoming in your answers as possible. Please read our Puppy Policy and Health Guarantee so you will know us better. If you have questions for us or we can provide more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please copy and paste the following form into an email and send it to us at:  heahrens@bellahara.com


Mailing and/or physical address:

Email address:                                              Web address:

Telephone:                                         Cell:

1.  How did you find BellaHara? (ie web, reference, breeders directory)

2.  Is this your first puppy? If no, what breed of dog did/or do you own?

3.  Have you had an Australian Shepherd(s) before?  Yes___ No___

4.  Have you read any books on raising a puppy or training herding dogs? 
    Do you plan to take your puppy to obedience classes?

5.  Are there any dogs, cats or other pets in your home at present?
    If yes, what kind and how many of each?

6.  Do you have children?
    How many and what ages?

7.  Do you have a fenced yard that is secure, or an area where your Aussie can be safe and protected? 
    Will you use a crate?      If so describe how.____________________________________________

8.  Do you work full time? If so, do you have a comfortable place for the dog so that he/she will not become       bored and acquire bad habits?

9.  These dogs are great companions and want to be with you most of the time.  Will this be possible?

10.  Are you looking to purchase a puppy or adult?
    In what kind of a time frame?

11.  Are you looking for?  Mark all the apply:
    pet____ breeding___ competition____ conformation____ agility____ herding_____ obedience____4-H ____

    Other, please explain____________________________________

12.  What kind of temperament are you looking for in your Aussie?
      ___Dominant,  ___Independent, ___Docile, ____Affectionate, ____Timorous

13. If you get a pup as a "pet", you will be required to spay or neuter it?  Is that a problem?: yes____ no____

Registration applications for all Australian Shepherds placed as “pets” will be marked as “non-breeding”

If you are interested in breeding this dog, what are your reasons for breeding? ________________________________________________________________________________

14.  Is it important for you to have this dog live all of its life with you? yes____ no____
    What will you do when he/she will be sick or old and suffering? ___________________________________

15.  What is your color preference:
    Body color:   Red____  Red Merle____  Black___  Blue Merle____
        Trim color:    Copper____ White____
           Eye color preference: ___ Blue ___Brown

16.  Do you prefer?  male___ female___

17.  Are you willing to let me help in the selection of the puppy based on the temperament requirement you      have listed? yes___no____ Any other thoughts___________________________

18.  May I have your vet’s contact information?  yes___ no____

19. Please list any other things going on in your life that might be useful

While we love Aussies, they have characteristics and requirements that some may find difficult to manage.  Please read the following:

  “The Australian Shepherd is a medium size, active breed which sheds its coat biannually.  They are curious and need to remain active and involved with their family in order to maintain a solid temperament. Aussies will show guarding behavior, including barking to alert for changes in the environment.  Because they are a herding breed, they will chase and nip at the heels of young children as well as moving objects.  Prolonged confinement and neglect can produce aggression in this breed.  They are a sensitive dog and do not respond well to hard handling.  Positive reinforcement methods, regular training and socialization as well as a structured, loving home life are best for the Australian Shepherd”.  If you are certain you can provide the above listed needs of an Aussie and are ready to embark on the challenging yet truly rewarded experience of living with a dog that is smarter than many humans.  Copy, paste, fill out and return the form and we will see what we can do.